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AquAid Water Coolers

April 18, 2016

We at St Francis Dental Practice are aware that keeping our staff members hydrated will aid them to perform at their very best throughout the work day. As a result, we decided to invest in watercoolers from AquAid. Our unique relationship with AquAid has also given our company the opportunity...

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Oh no! I’ve knocked out a tooth!

May 15, 2015

Most people will damage a tooth at some point in their lives. If the worst happens and you lose a tooth completely, here’s what to do: Baby Teeth Kids get into plenty of scrapes and, thankfully, losing a baby tooth isn’t a disaster. Give us a call to arrange an...

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How to keep your family’s teeth healthy this Christmas

December 4, 2014

It’s a great time of year: for families, for presents… and for festive food and drink! Follow our tips this Christmas for a season of festive smiles: Watch out for hidden sugar Christmas food is delicious- and it’s also often full of hidden sugar. Did you know there are 8 teaspoons...

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