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Our hygienist’s main role is to professionally clean and polish your teeth (sometimes called ‘scaling and polishing’), and to provide education and guidance about the best ways to help keep your teeth healthy and free of plaque.

Combining regular hygienist appointments with your own home care is the best way to maintain a healthy mouth, keep your teeth strong and give you fresher breath. Neglecting your gums can lead to poor gum health, the number one cause of tooth loss in adults.

The education our hygienist provides is focused on preventing gum disease and tooth decay by removing deposits of tartar that build up on your teeth. By learning the best ways of keeping plaque from building up, you will be able to avoid or slow the process of gum disease.

Booking hygienist appointments for your children is a great way to help educate them on the best ways to brush and care for their teeth.  Establishing great habits early on is the best way to help your children keep healthy teeth for life.