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Tooth Whitening

teeth whitening in chandlers fordTooth whitening is a safe and increasingly popular way to restore a healthy-looking, bright and youthful smile. Over the years, teeth can become darker or discoloured for a number of reasons, including drinking tea and coffee, smoking, and simply the passage of time. Most of these changes can be reversed with a simple tooth whitening treatment.

Not all teeth are suitable for whitening and your dentist will first check whether whitening is suitable for you. If you choose tooth whitening, then we can provide this for you at St Francis Dental Practice.

Before treatment you’ll get to see on a chart what shade your teeth currently are and what shade you’re likely to achieve. At the end of the treatment your dentist will show you the actual result so you can understand how effective it was.

We use the latest safe whitening treatments recommended by dental professional bodies. When carried out by a trained dental professional, whitening is perfectly safe. A carefully-controlled concentration of whitening agent is applied to your teeth using specially-made trays that fit in your mouth.

If you’d like more information on tooth whitening, or to find out if this may be suitable for you, then please get in touch via the contact form, or speak to a member of our dental team who will be pleased to help you.