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Oh no! I’ve knocked out a tooth!

May 15, 2015

Most people will damage a tooth at some point in their lives. If the worst happens and you lose a tooth completely, here’s what to do:


Baby Teeth

Kids get into plenty of scrapes and, thankfully, losing a baby tooth isn’t a disaster. Give us a call to arrange an urgent appointment and check-up. In the meantime, a big hug, plenty of reassurance and some pain relieving medication is all that’s needed.

Adult Teeth

Losing an adult tooth is more serious, but teeth can sometimes be saved if they are replaced quickly.  Store the tooth in the person’s mouth or in milk, and call us immediately so we can see you right away. Alternatively, go to your nearest A&E department where they will be able to replace the tooth, if possible.

Protect Your Teeth

Of course, prevention is better than cure.  If you or your kids play contact sports, call us to find out more about our custom gumshield service.


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